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Mr. Bonna, did you always know you wanted to get into photography?

My first camera was a canon 40D. It seemed well suited for the kind of images I wanted to take and it was rugged enough to endure the terrain. I still have it. I started off with graphic design and later moved into motion picture. This was separate from my music production and performance activities. I later settled into photography out of interest and yearning to expand my capabilities.

What makes you want to take a picture? 

I need to have passion for the subject. Mainly for the human body and the millions of ways to form the composition. I let my architectural background guide my composition and presentation of the images. I can photograph anything but I choose what I shoot. It is important to learn without limits and understand all aspects first. I subscribe to the idea of generalize then specialize – much like the field of medicine.

Have you ever turned down a subject? 

I turn down subjects frequently because I'm not meant to shoot everything. I have my style and I think it's best to leave the other aspects to those whose specialty it is. Secondly, I'm very aware of my aesthetic so it won't do me any good to lose my identity in trying to grab all.