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A pastime of mine is to hunt for independent short films or web series online. These shows are typically produced, written and directed by black creatives. Issa Rae led the way with her Youtube show Awkward Black Girl and subsequently, Black&SexyTv would become key contributors to black content on Youtube. The shows on these channels focus on the black American experience, so it was great to come across An African City, written by Nicole Amartiefio.

An African City focuses on the personal and professional lives of African women who have relocated back to Ghana for various endeavours. The show does a good job of highlighting the diversity among African women with consideration given primarily to their religious and socio-economic backgrounds. One key aspect all the characters seem to struggle with is the dating environment in the new city and how they interact with the men that cross their paths. It strikes me as a very honest perspective of women living these experiences. While it would be great to have the show reflect the views of the men in the dating market, it is unapologetically about the women.

The production, directing and acting are to be applauded including the progressive fashion presented on the show adorned by the cast of women. Moreover, the normal day-to-day struggles of living in an African city , no pun intended, is very apparent and depicted rightfully without destroying the image of the city.  The second season has started and I am intrigued by  the trajectory of the show over the next few years.  

Check out the first season of An African City on Youtube for free.