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There is a financial district in Toronto known as Bay Street. Blue and Grey suits abound, business men and women gallop up and down the street conversing in financial speak. On a warm summer evening in 2013, I gathered a few of my professional friends and we headed to the theatre to watch the film Fruitvale Station. It was the first lead actor role for Michael B. Jordan, best known for his role in The Wire as Wallace. Jordan shined in the film and we all came out shaken by the experience of the young man from Oakland portrayed by Jordan, however, we appreciated the fact that we got to witness the start of a star actor. 

I know there is probably some confusion going on right now with the long title, who exactly Skepta is, Grime Music or why myself and plenty others more knowledable about his music are referring to him as the chosen one.

Before I get into more details I want to share an experience in summer 2015 on a trip to Jamaica. While I was there I ran into a 2nd generation Nigerian–British young lady who mentioned that her mother was born in the United Kingdom. She also was born in the United Kingdom. This made sense to me immediately because Nigerians have been back and forth between the United Kingdom and their home country for many decades even prior to independence. Grime music is a very prominent part of UK subculture primarily followed by the indigenous blacks and those who have migrated to the region over the years from all over the world. I don’t want to reduce the music to just black music, because after attending a Grime party in the UK, I saw all races enjoying and participating in Grime “culture”. As such it is not that surprising that a Nigerian would rise to the top of the genre and be regarded as the chosen one to bring it to mainstream consciousness.

There are several sports most informed adults would not participate in competitively because of the recent scientific research on concussion. The three relevant sports to North American sports fans are football, UFC and boxing. Boxing is the oldest prize fighting sport of the modern sports era. My first introduction to boxing came through the highlights of Muhammad Ali formerly known as Cassius Clay. This was back in 1997 or 1998 when the boxing documentary came out called “When We Were Kings”. The documentary followed the journey of the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman on October 30, 1974.