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Nnenna Okore

Ms. Okore, do you consider yourself to be the best in your field?

(Laughs)…I am not pompous enough to think of myself in those terms. What I want my work to do is to have an impact on others and contribute to contemporary conversations both in Africa and abroad. While my works have been recognized, it doesn't influence my person or practice.  

Have your recognitions affected what you create?

While it is great to be recognized, I am not moved to create based on the possibility that I might be acknowledged through awards. The work is based on what I find interesting, what I am passionate about and how I can convey the best message. I move in different directions based on the immediacy of my interests or the things that stimulate creativity in me.

Do you follow any rules with the art you create?

I don’t have any specific rules I follow but one principle that is important to me is to avoid boxing myself into an idea and allow the materials to express themselves because they come alive in ways one doesn’t anticipate. For example, I work with paper that I shred, pulp, twist, braid, dye and wax. I am interested in the process whereby these materials dictate what I do next; and the journey becomes a conversation between the materials and my artistry.

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