My name is Femi and I was born in Sango, Otta, Ogun State. My parents are from Oyo State and we are Yoruba.

Growing up in Nigeria I watched very little TV due to power issues but for whatever reason NEPA provided power on Sundays where I would watch several TV shows that dramatized the life of Nigerians. These shows along with the stories passed down by older family members heightened my curiosity and developed my imagination. I have always had a strong affinity for story-telling; and anyone who has ever been around me can attest to this interest.

In 1997, I migrated to Canada with my mother and sister from Nigeria. Twelve years later, in 2009, I visited Nigeria. Upon returning to Canada, I started working at an accounting firm to acquire my CA Designation. Despite being excited for this new stage in my life, there was an urge to tell stories about Nigeria that was both personal and historically significant. Years later, the desire to tell these stories and learn about Nigeria has not subsided.